Friday, January 14, 2011

Hello World

My first tentative step into the world of blogging. The first searching step that one does not dare put their full weight on in case the unfamiliar ground would suddenly give way under her feet and dump her into hostile territory.

However, I can not let myself be deterred. I must go further up and further in! Exploration will be the theme of this blog. (In case you were wondering where this will all end up.) Now what will I be exploring and sharing with you the reader? The answer in truth will be everything.

I first was bitten by the blogging bug when I was introduced to a food blog which led to LOTS of food blogs. However, even though I loved the idea of a food blog I do not cook nearly enough to justify a blog solely centered around food. So I let the idea percolate in my mind for a few months while I finished my undergraduate degree, got married, and celebrated the holidays.

Now with all of that excitement behind me and a really odd transitional period in front of me, I have decided there could never be a better time to log how my life will now unfold. In other words I want to share my explorations and adventures whether it be culinary, cultural, literature, or music.

So please come with me on this journey. Let us go further up and further in and see just what the world has in store.

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